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Inner Change is a Revolution

inner change is a revolution
New Ideas Are Always Resisted

When an idea is new it is always resisted. We have seen this throughout history. Society has rejected, resisted, punished and even put to death people who present a new idea. Yet the only thing that has ever changed the world in a significant way is a new idea – a revolutionary idea!

Well this is what you need to change your inner world.
A revolutionary idea.

Something that is just slightly different from what you already know will not be enough.
You will only get slightly different results.
Real change requires a significant departure from the familiar,
from the way things have always been done.

So Become a Rebel!

Start a revolution.
Overthrow the old repressive leaders of society (your programmed mind)
Throw out the outdated fear and control based ideology (your limiting beliefs)

And put in its place an enlightened leader
with an enlightened, revolutionary ideology.

Who is this leader?

You know, don’t you?
Your own consciousness.

The part of you that is in touch with every point of the universe
It exists in the past, present, future and beyond time in the ABSOLUTE.

And The New Ideology?

A belief in your infinite potential
Your Divine power
And that you are worthy of perfect, unconditional love

Once the new leader is in place we must trust them to create
a beautiful, harmonious, abundant life for us.
Don’t let fear make you revert back to the old familiar secure way.
The security of limitation is a lie.

After a revolution there are always people who say
“Things were better before. We were better off not being free.”
This is because they are unwilling to embrace the new.
They are stuck in the old.

Transition Always Has Discomfort

There is always some sort of adjustment period when new replaces old.
This time of transition can be uncomfortable and difficult.
Yet this time of stress is when most people turn back.
When the temptation to revert to the old familiar way of doing things becomes very strong.

That’s natural. If we can bear the discomfort the transformation can take place.
Every part of the process can be difficult and exciting at the same time!

Embrace a New, Radical Idea

What new idea do you need to embrace right now?
Can you see yourself and the world differently?
What change of perspective will propel you towards your dreams?
Towards deeper authenticity?

Find it.
Honour it.
Embrace it.

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