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Train Your Mind With Love

train your mind with love
In “Ancient Secrets of Success” by Tulshi Sen
it says that the mind either attacks or runs from the unknown.
The mind tries to block us from making progress and an untrained mind will always create obstacles in our lives.

I can certainly see this in my own life.

True success and confidence are unknown to me.
True freedom is unknown to me.
True security is unknown to me.

These are all things I deeply desire in my life.
Yet my mind finds a way to attack or run from them because they are unfamiliar.

The Mind is Threatened by Peace

To my mind they feel like a threat.
Perhaps even a death threat!
For the mind thrives on discontent.

Fear wells up in me.
Inaction is the result.
Sabotage is the result.

The ego is very crafty and it will use these two powerful weapons every time.
Inaction and Sabotage.

Sabotage is attacking
Inaction is running

I must train my mind to obey even in the face of fear and mistrust.
My mind must trust me more than its own instincts. This is a well trained mind.

Like a dog that will “sit” and “stay” even when a piece of fresh raw meat
is placed right in front of its nose. This is a well trained dog!

Train With Love

You know a dog like that has either been trained with love or fear. Either it loves its master or terribly fears him or her. If fear has been the training tool then eventually the dog will turn against its master. Then it will become dangerous. It will rebel and all the repressed instinct will come out.

If the dog has learned to obey from love it will never turn against the master. Then obedience becomes a source of joy for it! It trusts the master deeply. Its heart’s desire is to love and obey the master and make him or her happy.

This is how we must train our minds.
Not just on the surface with fear and force,
but deep down with love and patience.

Choose A Different Path

So that when the desire to run from or to sabotage success comes up
It will choose a different path.
It will follow success, opportunity, confidence and freedom.
Even though these things might be scary, and I very well know that they often are,
A well trained mind will not back away.

Don’t give up, don’t quit, keep at it.
Every day train your mind a little more and more and more.
Eventually it will be your biggest ally and best friend.

The more we develop the less it will attack or run from your success.
It will get its own sense of joy from helping you achieve it.
This will be a great victory in your life.

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