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Treasure Your Glimpses

the great puzzle
Life is a Puzzle.
The Great Puzzle!
Who am I?

I believe we are meant to figure out this puzzle.
It is a difficult one, the puzzle of consciousness, but it is solvable. We can find the answer.
The universe is littered with clues and we are rewarded every time we figure out a piece of it.

The Glimpses

One thing that helps to keep us moving on is when we get glimpses of the infinite. There are moments in our lives when we know there is more to our existence than what our ordinary senses tell us. Moments of great beauty, intense bliss, profound love and unreasonable coincidences.

These moments are like pictures frozen in our minds.
They are there to remind us what lies beyond the ordinary.
Or even that there IS something beyond the ordinary!

Keep Moving Forward

The glimpses.
The universe gives us this gift to propel us forward.
To keep us believing when the ego tries to keep us down.
When the world presents lots of evidence to the contrary.
When the pain of life drives us away from the wonder of life.

Hold Onto Your Glimpses

Treasure them
Dwell on them
Be immensely thankful for them!

The more you do this the more of them you will have.
Joyful, beauty filled, wondrous experiences
that let you see without eyes and hear without ears!

And remember the source of these experiences is not outside you – it is you!
The source is your infinite consciousness, which is the absolute.

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