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Creation vs Construction

creation vs construction a

Creation is Different From Construction

It is possible to create our lives however we want.
Like an artist creating their art we can sculpt our reality to our desires.

To truly understand the process of creation we must go beyond our intellect because the intellect is only capable of construction. It can only reference the past to vision the future. It can take pieces of what it already knows and arrange them differently, but it cannot create something NEW!

Originality is Divine

Only the Divine part of us can be truly original. Only our inner Spirit can see the future independent of the past. Independent meaning of course – NOT dependant on. When we vision the future from our hearts we can create a life that doesn’t depend on the past or even the present!

Your consciousness knows it can and does create anything from NO-Thing.

No materials are needed
No conditions are needed
No abilities are needed
No limits exist
Except the ones I choose to believe in.
And I can choose.

Who Am I?
Who Am I Not?

I try and remember that I am not my intellect, I am consciousness.
I am not my thoughts. They are a tool.
A tool I have become identified with and forgotten my true self.
We are deeper, bigger and more powerful than our thoughts!

The intellect understands construction,
it cannot understand creation,
but you can.
Your consciousness is greater than any limitation,
more powerful than any obstacle.

Re-Capture the Mind of the Child

We must work at becoming Un-identified with the intellect
and RE-identified with our true self, our consciousness.

As children we are intimately aware of our pure consciousness.
When a baby comes into the world it doesn’t have names for things nor ideas about things.
It experiences its environment directly and with great wonder.

As we grow we acquire names, associations and judgements.
We become hypnotized by the reality of the world and we forget the magic we were born with.
The magic we were born AS!

RE-Identify With Our True Selves

Re-identifying with our Spirit, that Divine consciousness of the child
means letting go of the tight hold we have on reality as we see it.
Letting go of the idea that we are limited by our present circumstances.
Seeing the world and seeing ourselves as having infinite potential.

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