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Liberate Your Thinking

Conditioned and Unconditioned Thought

When our thoughts are shaped by our past, by our pain, by our trauma and our limited thinking they are Conditioned thoughts.

When our thoughts spring forth from the core of our being, from our spirit, from joy and limitlessness they are Unconditioned thoughts.

Conditioned thought traps us in the cycle of the past.
We repeat the same pattern over and over again in our lives.
We keep ourselves from reaching our potential.
And from expressing the fullness of who we really are.

Unconditioned thought frees us from the bondage of time and space.
Past and future have no hold upon us
And we are free to create our lives with no limits.

Unconditioned Thought Cannot Be Forced

Unconditioned thought flows naturally from the consciousness
of one who is in touch with their true nature.
It cannot be forced, it must be coaxed.
We cannot force ourselves into freedom.
We must persist daily, in a gentle and loving fashion,
To think the thoughts we want to think, and not the thoughts our past makes us think.

Unconditioned thought is always available.
It is always within our grasp, yet we block it with our thoughts and perceptions.

When we believe what our senses tell us.
When we believe our circumstances to be our reality,
then we are subject to the whims of the mind.

We cannot think Unconditioned thought in this case
in fact it often seems madness to do so.

Look to the Spiritual Cause not the Material Effect

Our reality is what is beneath the circumstances of the moment.
There is a Spiritual reality underlying every material thing.
Change is only possible when we can alter the cause, not the effect.

Therefore unconditioned thinking is necessary for us to break out of age old cycles.
We must think new thoughts of freedom and abundance if we are to change our patterns.

The mind is a creature of habit.
Given Its own way it will never change.

In order to be free our consciousness must be liberated from the mind and the senses.
What does this mean?

Liberate Your Mind

Right now my mind controls me most of the time.
I must hand over control of it to my Spirit.
I must surrender to my Spirit!
Then Spirit becomes the master of my senses.

We cannot transcend the mind with the mind.
You cannot break out of a paper bag with a paper bag!
You need something stronger to punch a hole.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein
Well this is still true when the problem is our consciousness itself!

So What is on a Higher Level Than Mind?
What is Stronger Than Our Thoughts?

The mind is bloody strong, and smart.
The only thing stronger than my mind is my Spirit.
I must touch my centre.
I must open my heart.
I must awaken to my true nature.
Then I will be able to think in freedom.
No longer controlled by my pain and my past.

Unconditioned Thought Is Very Beautiful And Free

It is big and powerful and full of life.
How would it be to think unconditioned, pure thought all the time?

We would have no unhealthy tension.
We would have a clean, clear and peaceful mind.
Our lives would be full of excitement and eager anticipation for the day!
Our dreams and goals would be foremost in our lives
and we would be manifesting our desires continuously.

That sounds pretty good to me… how about you?

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