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Playing Hide and Seek With Yourself

you cannot hide from yourself
The Spiritual journey is like a game of hide and seek

where we ourselves play all four parts of the game.

We are the seeker.
We are the one who is hiding.
We are the hiding place.
And we are “home” where everyone is safe just by touching it!!

Play To Win

How and why this grand game began is the great mystery of life.
We may never know the answer to this essential question.
So while we are here, we might as well play the game to the best of our ability.
Play to WIN!

Play a Good Game

To play the game properly we must be willing to be a good seeker.
If you’ve ever played hide and seek you know
there’s nothing worse than a lazy seeker to ruin the game.
Wandering around the playground aimlessly,
not even trying to find you. Boooring!

You must be prepared to look in every crevice, all across the playground.
Leave no spot unsearched.
Never tire nor give up.

Play For Fun

It is good to remember it is a game and keep a light heart.
Play is the key.
No one likes an overly serious seeker.
While it will certainly be difficult and lonely at times,
keep a joyful spirit in all that you do.

Even if you find yourself crying, depressed and miserable,
if you remember the “game”, you will be able to bear it with an inner smile and keep on seeking.

Be The Best Seeker You Can

Look in deeper and more secret hiding places so that no hider can hide from you.
Remembering of course that it is you that is hiding from yourself.
Search with joy and energy.
Be an enthusiastic seeker and you will find your prey.

You Cannot Hide From Yourself Forever!

In fact the Self is really like a 4 year old playing hide and seek.
They usually just can’t wait to be found and they jump out and yell
“I’m Here!”
(I play with my niece all the time so I have empirical evidence to back me up)

Our Deep Self is just aching to be found.
Just a little seeking and it will jump out and yell
“I’m Here!”

Then we hug and laugh and roll on the ground
Celebrating the joy of seeking and being found.

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