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I Will Not Be Little

I will not be little
I am chasing a dream that seems so wildly improbable!
How can it be?
It makes no sense.


I hear the inner critic yelling at me.
Who are you to be doing such a thing?
With no experience or training.
It’s not reasonable!
It’s not safe! It’s not intelligent!

No one will listen to you.
They will laugh at you.
You’ll fail.

You’re better off giving up now
so you don’t have to face the disappointment.


The funny thing is that no one else has said these things to me.
They are all in my own head.
That gremlin, that Demon sharing his/her opinions as they always do.


The Demon Enters Our Minds

Okay well that’s not entirely true.
The Demon is implanted in our heads and hearts at a young age.
Whenever we’re told “NO” or “You Can’t”
Or the 100 variations of this sentiment
We believe a little less in our infinite potential.
That voice gets stuck in our minds and haunts us for the rest of our lives.

There is No Rest For the Saboteur

You will not find someone so dedicated to their mission anywhere.
Such an organized and efficient worker she/he is.
I write he/she because the voices in my head
of my personal demons, come in both genders.

One teases me
One rejects me
Both belittle me

But I will not be BE LITTLE!

I will be LARGE!

I Want More!

I have lived little for far too long.
I want to celebrate life.
I want to stop hiding and be my Self,

I want to make a difference.
I want to help people heal and bring more harmony to their lives.
I want to help parents and children have deeper relationships.

I want to sing and play and dance.
I want to be a Divine offering to the Universe.

I Am a Child of Life

Born to express beauty and power and love.
I will no longer be held down.
I will no longer allow my past to control me.

Please Divine One, Keep me strong.
Strong enough to honour my authenticity.
And give my gifts to the world.

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