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The Senses are Sexy

pleasure is divine
The Senses are Sexy

In many ancient texts it says that the senses are impure and we must transcend them.
The word impure was not used in the same way as we use it today.
The senses are not impure because they are sexy!
They are impure because they lock you into the world of past and future.

They are WYSIWYG! What You See Is What You Get.
The senses and the mind want you to believe that the surface is the whole of existence.
They create a false, but very believable picture of reality.
One in which suffering, pain and limitation are everywhere.

The Heart Knows There is More

And yet our consciousness knows, our heart knows
that there is a reality underlying our circumstances.
It is a spiritual reality – the Ocean beneath the waves.
We are conditioned to only perceive the waves.
When we become aware of the deeper reality, the Ocean,
we can see the infinite potential we have.

The senses make us focus on needs and desires based on body-mind lack and fulfillment.
They make these needs strong enough to pull you away from your Spirit Fulfillment.
Yet the senses can never be truly satisfied.
They always want more… MORE!

And when a sense desire is fulfilled we still cannot enjoy it.
Our minds latch onto a new need and the cycle starts all over again.

Only a spirit based need can ever be truly fulfilled.

I Am Not a Monk!

Now let me be really clear;
I’m not saying that sensual pleasures are wrong or to be avoided.
I’m no Monk!
I love sex
I love food
I love to dance
I love my body and enjoy it in every way that I can.

I lead a life that is full of joy and pleasure!

I have learned that when I do these things to feed my spirit I am uplifted.
My energy increases and I have more love to give.

When I do these things to avoid pain or to ease the emptiness in my life
They end up draining me and I’m left feeling worse after.
I require re-energizing and even healing.

I’m guessing you can relate to the difference?
Most of us have had both experiences.

Our Bodies Are Divine Creations

They are Pure Spirit.
To enjoy them is a Divine act!
It’s the intent behind the action, not the action itself
that determines the effect it has on us.

I have noticed that there is a tendency for “spiritual” people to put down life’s pleasures.
There is an idea that loving sex, food and other sensual delights somehow distances us from our Divine essence.
There is a temptation to believe that being non-attached means being non-involved.

Pleasure is Divine

I don’t believe this is the case.
I think it’s likely that transcending the senses
and the pleasure of the senses doesn’t mean avoiding them.
It means allowing them to spring from our hearts,
From our spirit, our essence.
What we are transcending is the tendency to use pleasure as an escape from dealing with pain.

Of course we do this sometimes. It’s natural!
I probably do it every day at some point!
But my goal is always to face my pain, love it and heal it.
Then when I immerse myself in the pleasures of life
it is to express my Divine nature.

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