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You are the Power Source

cart before the horse
Our Present is a Reflection of Our Past

What we have done, what we have thought, what we have been. Our inner nature, our continuous thought world, our vision of our beingness; all this has shaped our present.

If we do not change our selves we can look forward to more of the same!

We put our past on repeat, like a CD, and play it over and over again in our heads.
That is why life can be so slow to change. We re-create our miseries in supreme detail.

Your life is a Circle, You are the Centre

Change the centre and the circumference will change.
Your centre is your being, your self, the circumference is your circumstances!
When your being changes, your circumstances change.

When we wait for our circumstances to change we put the cart before the horse. The horse is supposed to pull the cart, this makes the whole thing go, it is the power source. When you put the power source behind the thing it is supposed to pull the system comes to a stop.

The cart cannot pull the horse!!
What a ridiculous picture.

Let’s put things in their proper order.

You are the power source, the primary cause of everything in your life.
Your circumstances are the reflection of who you are.
If you want to change your circumstances
Change your inner world.

Every day I remind myself;
Don’t wait for your circumstances to change,
you have to change.
Take control
Take command
Depend on your Consciousness
You will be victorious!

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  1. I appreciate your clarity and wisdom about how our spent is a reflection of our past, Vivek. And I would encourage anyone who wants to work to transform their current patterns most effectively to try The Presence Process, a book by Michael Brown!

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