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I Accept You In Every Moment

i love every part of you
It’s a miracle how powerful saying YES
with acceptance and love to a child can be

In moments of chaos
In times of stress
When pain and fear are at the forefront
Of their experience, hearing;

I see you
I hear you
I believe you
I accept you in every moment
I love every part of you

Makes them feel valued, worthy, important and loved.

I try and say YES in all these ways as often as I can
To fill the consciousness of my daughter with the knowledge
That she is perfectly deserving of Infinite Love
Just as she is.

Saying these things works with adults too,
but it’s harder because there are so many more layers to get through
Before we reach the heart.

Young people are just dying to be seen and accepted as they are.
Especially by the primary adults in their lives.

This is something that we can give without much cost to ourselves.
The only cost is that we open our hearts to them
And allow the love that we have, the love that we are
To flow freely.

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