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“It takes great effort to achieve effortlessness.”

it takes great effort

“It takes great effort to achieve effortlessness.”

We Have Been Lied To

The idea that Spirituality is effortless is a total lie!

Life is hard
and long
and often not very pleasant

There is work, money
Pain and relationships

There is low self-esteem, body image issues
poor nutrition and illness.

Of course the list goes on.

So life is full of effort.
To say that it is all really effortlessness seems like a total pipe dream.
It is unrealistic, unfair and lacking in empathy and compassion.

Effortlessness is a Worthy Goal

Yet effortlessness is a worthy goal to strive towards.
There is great opportunity in the striving.
It takes a lot of work and time to get to a point of true effortlessness.

The goal of most art forms is for the artist to achieve a level of effortlessness
So that the beauty, the art, the Spirit flows through them unobstructed.
The artist is the instrument, not the doer.

Spirituality is the art of life.
Every moment of life is a spiritual moment.
An opportunity to express the art of our being.

What is Spiritual?

We often separate spirituality from daily life.

Meditating is spiritual
Watching TV is not

Drinking Tea is spiritual
Having a Beer is not

Walking through the woods is spiritual
Walking through the mall is not

Wanting inner peace is spiritual
Wanting money and material things is not.


False Divisions

Where oh where did these divisions come from?

They are designed to keep us from realizing the truth.
That every moment of our lives is Spiritual
and deserves our attention and devotion.
That everything is Spiritual because everything is Spirit.
That joy and freedom are always available to us.
Even in the midst of the effort.

It seems that effort and effortlessness exist side by side

Accept the Effort

We must expend effort to realize that we are not separate
We are actually ONE
Yet how can the ONE expend effort?
Effort requires at least two

Of course none of it makes any sense
that is what makes it all so interesting
and fun
and maddening at the same time!

It is an odd thing that resisting the Effort
actually creates more effort.

Accepting the Effort
Makes the journey
More Effortless

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