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We Must be Their Defenders

champion of self esteem

“We are all stronger, smarter, talented, beautiful, and more resilient than we were told.”
CeCe McDonald

Kids Need Encouragement

We must tell our children over and over that they are
strong, smart, talented, beautiful and resilient!
Tell them every day.
Believe it as you say it.
Say it to every child!

Adults may think you’re crazy if you tell it to them, but kids LOVE to hear this.
They soak it up, they crave it, they’re starved of this message
(well my child isn’t starved!!)
and are nourished deeply when they hear it.

Whisper it to them.
Tell them in play.
Show them by your actions and your decisions.
Show them by how you deal with their mistakes and their successes.

Negative Messages are Everywhere

They hear the opposite of this message from so many sources.
In school, in the media (including most kids and young adult shows), from other adults and in school
(I said school twice on purpose!)

They are given the message that they are limited and unworthy of celebration and love.
They are told that they are not valued if they don’t measure up to certain standards.

There is an acceptable way to talk, to think, to eat and to look.
Any deviation from this and they are perceived as less than someone who approaches this false ideal more closely.

We Must be Their Defenders

So we must become champions of self-esteem and self-worth.
Tell your kids, and every kid you encounter that they are
strong, smart, talented, beautiful, creative, loving, fun, funny and WONDERFUL IN EVERY WAY!

The amazing thing is as you share this message with children you will believe it more and more about yourself!

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