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See the Sea

see the sea
That Thou Art…

“Consciousness is the substance and intelligence of everything in and around our lives”

Quote from Ancient Secrets of Success by Tulshi Sen

We seem to be living in a world of matter.
We see things all around us.
Cars, computers, people, flowers, sky and the earth.

Yet none of these things really exist as we see them.
Our eyes can only see the surface, the mask.
There is a hidden truth behind this mask and we cannot see this truth with our senses.
We must go beyond our senses and sense with our consciousness directly.

Everything is Energy

Science tells us that matter does not exist as we see it. All things are made of atoms. Atoms are made of electrons, protons and neutrons and these particles are made of numerous and even smaller particles – energy.
When you look around, try and realize there are no things.
All you see is in fact a continuous sea of energy.

What science does not know, however, is – what IS that energy!

The energy is consciousness.
Your consciousness.
YES, your consciousness!
And my consciousness, and everyone’s consciousness.
There is only One.

See the Sea

Believing that separate things exist is like seeing the waves, but ignoring the Ocean.
See the Sea beneath the waves!

Your consciousness and the universal consciousness are one and the same.
There is no separation. Only the senses create the illusion of separation,
just like they create the illusion of car, tree, rock and apple from atoms!

I hold the pen with my hand and write in blue ink upon this journal that I bought at Staples.
Yet none of it is real, at least not as the objects I see.

They are all consciousness!

Take a Chants

There is a Sanskrit Mantra:

Tat Tavm Asi

It translates as THAT THOU ART.

It is the proclamation that all things are consciousness.
To repeat this mantra is to practice the awareness that all things are consciousness.

I will often repeat this throughout the day.
When I pick up a glass of water I say Tat Tavm Asi,
as I drink it I think Tat Tavm Asi.
I put on my shoes and say it.
I feel the wind on my face and say it.
I look at the sky, with its beautiful cloud sculptures and proclaim Tat Tavm Asi,
That Thou Art

I am trying to impress upon my mind the underlying unity of all things.
When I feel separate I suffer, and I’d prefer not to suffer!

Isn’t Traffic the Best Place to Practice Loving?

When someone cuts me off in traffic and I’m blessed to have a moment of awareness,
instead of screaming obscenities, I scream Tat Tavm Asi!
I know who you really are!
You cannot fool me.
You are me and I am the universal consciousness, the absolute!

Try this for a day and see how you feel.
Remind yourself constantly that every sensory experience is Consciousness.
Everything you touch, taste, smell, hear and see is Consciousness.


I have been using the word Consciousness for a reason.
I could have said Spirit or Soul or Divine, or even God. But these words all have well entrenched connotations. And most of them have a feeling of separation.
God is up there,
Spirit is somewhere,
Soul is in there, but I don’t know where
and the Divine is everywhere!

There is No Separation

Consciousness does not have the same sense of separateness.
Consciousness implies awareness and intelligence.

If Consciousness is the SUBSTANCE of all things,
then all things have intelligence and awareness.

It is all one, total Consciousness – Your Consciousness!
Your intelligence, your awareness.

When we really know this, know WHO we are,
then our lives are no longer under the control of the seemingly random whims of the Universe!

Life becomes a perfect and beautiful work of art,
painted on the canvas of existence.
You are the artist, the canvas, the paint, the colour
And most of all
The great enjoyer of the beauty

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