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You are Unconditionally Worthy – Mistakes, Flaws and All

Unconditionally Worthy
Unconditionally Worthy – Mistakes, Flaws and All

It’s so important for our kids to know that they are
accepted and loved by us just for being who they are.

If they know this they won’t need to seek acceptance in their external circumstances or other relationships. They will not need to be false in order to make people like them. They will not sacrifice their dignity for scraps of affection. They will not abandon their principles in order to join a group.

If children know they are worthy – Unconditionally Worthy
of Love, of Acceptance and Abundance exactly as they are
Mistakes, flaws and all,
They will have the inner strength to face what the world throws at them.

Our Perception Affects Their Perception

Children carry their parents’ perceptions of them throughout their lives.
Even as adults, as we become our own persons,
the deeply ingrained self-image created by our parents
affects and colours everything we do.

My daughter knows that I think she’s awesome no matter what she does.
She knows she’s accepted by me no matter what mistakes she may make.
She knows that she is worthy of her space on this earth and has the responsibility to protect it!!
And she knows I have her back in every situation.

I am sure this she will carry with her throughout her life.

Just Say NO to Punishment

This is but one of the reasons I am against spanking
and (as per my usual extreme nature) all punishments (also known as ‘consequences’).
They only serve to let kids know we disapprove of them.
What a profoundly unhelpful message that is to project.

Oh I know how unpopular a viewpoint that is, believe me!!
NO PUNISHMENTS Vivek? That makes no sense! How will they learn?
They will step all over you. They will become brats. They will become entitled.

Think the Best of Our Kids

I do not believe that my child, or any child, is a monster just waiting to explode.
I do not think she is looking for an opportunity to control me and take advantage.
I DO think she is a kind and loving being.
I DO think she has goodness at her core.

I DO think that given a model of love and respect
children will rise to the opportunity and show us their best.

We do not need to control, punish, or make our kids feel bad in order to make them behave well.
Let us believe in them, let us see the best in them
And let’s make sure they KNOW we see the best in them.

This will deeply influence how they see themselves
And thereby the kind of people they turn out to be.

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