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An Unexpected Dance in the Wal-Mart!

unexpected dance walmart
I was shopping in the WalMart (don’t judge me!)

when an older woman backed into me as she was looking at the opposite shelf.
She didn’t really notice I was there. She was sort of leaning on me for a moment.
I think she might have thought she backed into a post or a shelf.

At the first touch on my back I suddenly felt that it was someone wanting to dance with me!
Then I remembered where I was and turned my head and saw her.
I thought it was cute that she didn’t realize what was happening
so I just stayed very still and waited.

It’s Alive!

Suddenly she noticed that I didn’t quite feel like a post,
she turned around and saw my smiling face inches from hers.

She jumped in surprise and immediately apologized,
quite embarrassed
as people do when accidental touch happens.
I said, “Hey I enjoyed our dance!”

She walked away embarrassed and I followed her.
I said to her “hey I’m a dancer and I do a dance called contact improv
where people literally lean on each other just like you did with me and we kind of roll around”.
Then I leaned on her a little bit and rolled across her back.

Unexpected Touch

She was laughing and laughing at the second experience of unexpected touch.
I took a chance that she would be okay with me leaning on her and she was.
She seemed truly delighted.
I said that it was nice that we had a moment of dance.

What Is a Real Dancer?

Then she frowned and said I must have been disappointed it was her that I had the dance with
and that I probably would have preferred a real dancer.

I said a resounding
NO! my friend.
I had a lovely dance with you, even if it was only five seconds
it was perfect and I was totally fulfilled by it.

She was so happy she was beaming.

This was a real gift to me
and a wonderful example of how dance, touch
and human connection can affect people and bring joy to life.

I am blessed!

0 thoughts on “An Unexpected Dance in the Wal-Mart!

    1. Thanks Gennie,

      I think Practicing Contact Improv has helped me to be open to the unexpected!
      It’s such a pleasure to share human moments like this with strangers.

  1. Love how you slip into these golden moments of joy and connection with others. I enjoyed reading this story.

  2. A great story of sharing unexpected moments of love!
    You rarely miss a chance at showing and being love.
    She will never forget this experience and it will always bring a smile to her face.

    This is probably one of my favourites!

    1. Thanks Shivani,

      I hope she thinks of the experience once in a while and that she does smile.
      We’re really all connected, we are all part of the same family.

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