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Contemplate the Wind

contemplate the wind
When the evils of the world threaten to drown you,
When pain and doubt consume your thoughts,
It’s best to contemplate
the stars, the flowers and the wind on your face.

When you fear the end of the world,
And cannot stop thinking of disaster
Take the time to contemplate
The smile of a new mother
looking at her precious gift;
The peaceful face of the angel,
fallen asleep in her arms.

The miracle of the breath you are blessed with,
and the wonder that rays of light
entering your eyes,
can cause a condition in your consciousness
of colour
and shape
and beauty.

The world has ended many times before and will end again.

Much better to contemplate
What you will do tomorrow to bring some peace and love here
before your time ends and the opportunity is gone!

What kindness can you accomplish today?
What beautiful memories can you create?

The world is created for you and by you in every moment,
through your choices, your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Much better to contemplate

How you can choose your thoughts
rather than having them chosen for you;

How you can choose your feelings and reactions
rather than having them imposed upon you;

How you can create the world
in the image of the Divinity that dwells within your being.

It is wonderful to choose our thoughts, perceptions and feelings.

We can create the world according to the vision we hold in our hearts.

There is light available to all of us.
Just look around, look within:
It’s waiting.

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