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The Wave Seeking the Ocean – Part 2

wave seeking the ocean part 2
I am not human

I am the Stars and the sand
and the Ocean
Yes I am the Ocean

Yet at some point I forgot I am The Ocean
I began to believe that I was a wave.

If I don’t do something about it
I will hold that belief to the grave
And what a grave situation that would be.

I must find a way to be free
from the delusion of my individuality
For truly I am Universal
This is a powerful reality to absorb

I am not one of many
I am all
We are not two, you and I
We are one with the Ocean and the Sky

But it is a great comfort to think of myself as separate
and feel limitation
My true emancipation can only come
when I embrace the truth of my being

I have to lift my sight beyond seeing only what is in front of me
and peer deeply inside
for it is within that exists infinity
Where there is no past, no present, no future

It is the timeless Truth that I seek
I peer under every rock
I look around every corner
gaze at the endless sky
and ask the stars the ancient question:
“Who am I?”

So that I can reclaim my original identity
As Ocean
And wave goodbye to the wave

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