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The Wave Seeking the Ocean – Part 1

wave seeking the ocean part 1
Ego is like the Wave on the Ocean

The wave springs up and has its own existence.
It has its own direction and form and shape.
It has beauty and limitation and adventure and learning
The wave interacts with other waves

It comes for a time
and then disappears back from whence it came

Yet all the while the wave is only ocean
it is never anything but ocean

For a time it may believe itself to be separate and individual
and while the wave exists, why should it not try and be the best wave it can be!! To fully enjoy being a wave and to fully enjoy all the waves it experiences.

To rid oneself of the ego means to realize you are the ocean
not a part of the ocean,
but truly the whole ocean
while still experiencing the wave

The ocean is your true self
The wave may still exist
but then you’ll know the wave as ocean
and you’ll know you are all the other waves as well

This is what I aspire to.

I love my wave,
my self

yet I aspire to realize my Oceanship

1) The Ocean knows itself therefore knows every wave.
2) Not every wave knows it is the Ocean.
3) When the wave knows its true nature it knows it is Ocean
(and nothing but Ocean).
Therefore it also knows every other wave.


Tomorrow we will see

The Wave Seeking the Ocean – Part 2

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