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My Feminist Awakening

Men are rarely taught a healthy way to relate to womyn as we grow up. In general the message we receive is that womyn are a collection of body parts […]

Creation vs Construction

There is a difference between Creation and Construction. True divine creation comes from no-thing and is limited by no conditions. Construction has only a fixed set of materials and a […]

You are the Power Source

Our Present is a Reflection of Our Past What we have done, what we have thought, what we have been. Our inner nature, our continuous thought world, our vision of […]

Respect Yo!

Respect Yo! I don’t believe children need to earn our respect. We brought them into this world without asking them. They come in open, pure and full of love. I […]

Love Affects the Core

The Less They Deserve It, the More They Need It One of the hardest and most important things to do for children is to offer them an experience of love […]