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Embrace The Opposites

embrace the opposites
The YinYang offers us a way of unifying the opposites.
Getting into the spirit of the symbol allows us to see the world more from the perspective of AND rather than OR.

“This OR that” transforms into “This AND that”.

In thinking about an idea or an issue I almost never take one side totally. I have learned through the yin-yang that the most powerful position is to be able to hold opposing views at the same time.

In fact if I really want to deepen my understanding of an issue or an idea I’ll often argue against myself more than someone who actually disagreed with me would do.

I may still choose an opinion on one side or another, but my understanding comes from seeing both.

The Dots

It is the dots in the YinYang that allow this mindset. The dots are the clue that tell us the opposites are actually one. In the deepest most extreme part of the Yin is the seed of the Yang. They swirl and fold in on each other. The absolute doesn’t exist in essence because the essence of existence is unity!

Once we see the world through the lens of the yin-yang,
We can experience a clarity and peace beyond all imagining.
For we are able to see the stillness behind the chaos of life.
It is like becoming aware of the calm ocean beneath the waves.

We are not who we think we are

In order to do this we must be able to melt the boundaries of who we think we are.
We are so much more.

This melting means living in the dots and not on the periphery.
It means accepting and loving all aspects of ourselves.
For when we can accept the Yin and the Yang, the Light and the Dark, the Joyful and the Stressful,
we are not avoiding any part of us.

Embrace the Opposites


This is where we can transform OR to AND.

I am happy and miserable, I am confident and terrified, I love you and I’m angry at you.
All of these expressions are real and authentically us.
We can love the whole, wonderful, perfectly imperfect beings that we are.

“You can’t achieve the yin by covering up all the yang”
– Vivek

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