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Finding God in the Wal-Mart

finding God walmart
Recently I went to the Wal-Mart to buy some DVDs on sale.

When I was standing in line, someone butted in line to ask the cashier a question.
She answered, but was very upset and started complaining to the person ahead of me about that customer.

When I got up to the cashier, I asked her how her day has been so far?
I usually ask that instead of “how are you?” because it makes people take a moment and think before they answer.
If I ask “how are you?” they can just say, “fine thank you, how are you?”

She sort of grimaced and said she was okay,
except for the rude customers.

I suggested to her not to let people steal away her happiness.
It is too precious and she should guard it well.

She said “Yes, sometimes I forget my Father, my Creator.”

(I could tell from her comment that she was Christian.
I am not specifically Christian, but I know that the Divine is present
in every religious and spiritual path.
So I talked to her as a Christian and
shared the same spiritual ideology!)

I said “Ya, that’s the thing, eh?
Life is a test and He comes to us in many disguises,
to see if we’ll remember Him when things are tough.
Life can be a challenge,
and we must stay strong and vigilant.”

She said “I guess I’m not that smart yet.”

I said “My friend, you recognized God as the source right away when I mentioned not letting others steal your joy.
You are definitely smart and strong!
Remember, you have many years left to keep practicing!”

She smiled from ear to ear to have this spiritual interaction in the middle of her difficult day!
She said “Yes, you’re right.
He comes in many forms, and I have to remember to recognize Him
and remember Him.”

Then we had a moment of silent understanding, looking into each other’s eyes. Suddenly we sort of remembered where we were and finished our transaction.

As I left I turned to her and said,
“Remember to look through the disguise and see the true spirit behind it, my friend!”

She said “Yes I will, thank you.”

I felt so blessed to be able to share a sincere moment with her, and I hope that it made a difference in her life.

The giver should be thankful.

We can contribute to the peace and wellbeing in the world
if we only pay attention to the hearts and minds around us –
and if we are quick and courageous enough to act
when we’re given the opportunity.

0 thoughts on “Finding God in the Wal-Mart

  1. What an inspiring interaction! Having worked many retail positions I know how rare it is to have a deeply meaningful moment while processing people purchasing their stuff. The few times it did happen it made all the difference. Deeply moving <3

    1. Thanks Puja,
      The one thing I know for sure about life is that life is hard.

      It seems like a good thing of we can ease that for each other a little when we can!

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