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Butterfly Love – Part 2

butterfly love 2
As we go through the process of spiritual evolution

we turn from caterpillar to butterfly many times and on many levels.
Each new level comes with new challenges and new perspectives –
new limitations to overcome.
Limitations that were not even visible from the previous caterpillar stage.

It is like as soon as we blossom into that beautiful, free butterfly from the pain of being a caterpillar we are immediately transformed into another caterpillar at a new phase of development.

It is a lifelong process.

The Caterpillar is Also Beautiful

This is why it is important for us to remember that the caterpillar is also beautiful. We must embrace the caterpillar as much as celebrate the butterfly, for we don’t want to feel bad about ourselves.

Both the caterpillar and the butterfly
are manifestations of the Divine.
The whole process of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly
was created by the Divine and the whole is to be respected.

Love yourself for where you are,
where you’ve come from and
where you’re going.
You are beautiful and perfect when you’re a butterfly AND when you are a caterpillar, and you are always both!

Caterpillar, caterpillar.
Keep eating those leaves.
How glorious your form,
as you crawl through the trees

Express your caterpillarness
with all your might,
but take a moment to look within
between leafy bites.

You’ll find that you’re no longer
satisfied with what you see,
and you feel there is
more to life than this tree.

Now is the time to leave the world behind.
Cover yourself and empty your mind.

There is a puzzle of consciousness
for you to resolve.
So meditate on your being
till your being dissolves.

Little worm, Little worm,
you will see, very soon
you are too big
for your little cocoon.

Your wings will press out
and you will break free
to fly in the sky
for all eternity.

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