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Butterfly Love – part 1

butterfly love 1
We Can All Be Butterflies

What prevents the caterpillar from turning into a butterfly?

We all have the potential!
We all have butterfliness inside of us!

How can the caterpillar dream that it can subsist without eating the leaves? Its whole life is just to eat and excrete.
It fears that if it gives up the world it knows it will die!

Of course it will,
but when it is re-born it is so much lovelier!
It is closer to heaven, closer to the light.

Transformation can be Frightening

The chrysalis is so lonely.
and the whole being of the caterpillar is dissolved into mush
before it can be reformed
into the new, light and graceful butterfly.
My goodness this is scary!

I ask myself daily;
“Do I have the patience, the stamina, the faith to stay in my cocoon??”
Do you?

If we cannot enter the silence and solitude
we will never begin the transformation.
If we break out early, we will not be a butterfly, only half formed!
The full transformation process must be respected.
This can be very painful.

What is needed?

Patience – because it always takes longer than you think
Stamina – because it is always harder than you think
Courage – because it is always scarier than you think
Faith – because there is no guarantee that the butterfly will emerge!

But if we look within, we will feel the butterfly aching to be released,
aching to give up life on leaves and fly into the sky,
drink the nectar of flowers
and express a life of beauty and light.

Look for Butterfly Love Part 2 tomorrow!
(There’s going to be a butterfly poem at the end!)

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