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Attack of the Invisible Creatures

attack of the invisible creatures
The Attack of the Invisible Creature

Our minds have the potential to be harmonious, peaceful and positive.
But from the time we are born, even before we are born,
we lose the pristine and pure state.
Our minds are invaded by imaginary, invisible creatures.
They cause us unrest and steal our peace.

I’m arguing with invisible creatures all the time:
The guy who cut me off 5 years ago.
The womyn who was rude to me at the grocery store yesterday.
The person who I imagine will insult me tomorrow!

Thoughts are Creative

The interesting thing about these thought forms,
thought plays,
thought movies,
is that they are creating
at the same time as we are thinking them.

Our lives are created from our thoughts and the images we hold in our mind, both conscious and subconscious.
Every thought we have sends a message to the Universe
about what we want to create!

The Divine energy is always there,
just waiting to fulfill our visions.
We form the mold with our thoughts and images.
The Divine fills the mold with creative energy
and our circumstances are born.

Control Your Thoughts

This is why it is so important to have some control over our thought world, and why the ego wishes us to have no control! Controlling our thoughts means being able to choose the thoughts we think. When we are subject to our conditioning we lose choice, we lose our power.

As long as we imagine these negative, painful and conflict-ridden situations, over and over and over…
we will continue to create them in our lives.

We may not create the exact thing we’re imagining,
but we will create a similar experience.

These thought-creatures are not consciously chosen by us.
They are habits of thinking we’ve developed over years and years.
Many of them were implanted in our minds before we were 3 years old.

Once we recognize that our thought habits are creating undesired circumstances in our lives we have the opportunity to develop new habits!

Fight the Enemy!

The more we fight against them, stop them, and replace them with thought-creatures that reflect what we REALLY want to happen, the more we will see our lives changing as a result.

I know that there is a common concept in Spiritual work that we shouldn’t fight or resist our thoughts, feelings or anything really. Just accept and go with the flow. Love your thoughts and make them your friend.

I agree that there is a place for this type of thinking. Perhaps it’s even desirable in the majority of situations. I also think that there is a place for fighting and resistance. In fact I think it’s vital that we can fight our minds and thoughts.

The key is to know when to meditate with your sword laying peacefully at your side and when to raise your sword in battle to protect the innocent!

My Teacher Tulshi Sen says
Every thought is a creative act.”

So we must guard our thoughts with all our might.

We must change the pattern of our imaging,
create new habits of visioning,
choose to think and imagine the best, most abundant and loving things we can.

But, of course, this is not easy!

“Thinking an unfamiliar thought
is as difficult as performing an unfamiliar action.”
-Tulshi Sen

It requires a constant retraining of the mind,
a continuous vigilance,
a paranoid attention to the content and quality of our thoughts!

It’s hard work!
That is why I often resist it.
But I know it will be worth the effort so I persist!

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  1. I just had the thought the other day that I need to have new thoughts. That my current ‘reality’ might look a whole lot different if I thought the opposite of most of my thoughts!

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