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The Love Jug!

Love Jug
Pure Love is a beautiful thing.

We use the word Love for so many things that are not love!

I knew this womyn who regularly tortured her family and caused everyone a lot of pain,
and she always said:
“My only fault is that I love too much.”
I’m sure she really believed that about herself
And yet she caused such pain in so many people’s lives.

Pure Love Comes from the Divine Source

There is no such thing as loving too much if the love is pure,
because real love always knows the right action to take, for it comes from the perfect Divine source.
The source that is you, your true nature.

Real love is never predictable.
It adjusts to the moment,
to the deepest and highest needs of the moment

When love is directed towards others,
it manages to nourish the self better than anything else ever can.

The Infinite Love Jug

How can a constant outpouring
fill the container?
If you pour water from a jug,
the jug will empty.
But not the Love Jug.
This is one of the miracles of true love.
The jug of the heart never empties!

We can pour out all the love we’re able
and never diminish our own.
How is this possible?

It is possible because we are not the container,
only the channel through which love flows,
like water through a hose.
We are always wet,
in love.

You and I are One

In this state we realize that there are no others.
That we are one with all beings.
There is no separation between you and I.
When I love you I love myself.
In fact I cannot love you without loving myself
And I cannot love myself if I do not love you.

Being Honest with Myself

When I find myself tired from loving,
I recognize that there is a selfish motive in my actions.
It is not pure love.

This does not make me evil,
for we are all like that.
We are on the path to pure love.
It’s a long bloody road, so lots of attachments still exist.

The task is to identify them and transcend them,
remove them
and replace them
with a higher love.

Be Willing to Change

This of course, requires a high level of self-honesty
and a willingness to change.
Willingness to change means a willingness to be wrong.
One of the hardest things is to face our areas of challenge while loving and accepting ourselves fiercely.

This is not something we often received as children when we made mistakes. In fact we were usually corrected and punished rather than celebrated!

Now we must learn to give ourselves that kind of celebration so that we can be open to deeper and deeper levels of self-knowledge and understanding.

“Intelligence is not the measure of how much you are able to understand,
But how much you are willing to understand.”

Celebrate yourself!

I am joyous when I’m wrong,
for finding out when I’m wrong is the path to being right!

Don’t fear mistakes.
Don’t fear feedback and criticisms.
Don’t resist being wrong.


For that puts you one step closer to the truth,
closer to the love you seek,
closer to the pure being that you are,
perfect and whole and one.

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