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The Divine Revealed to Me in the Apple Juice

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The Divine Revealed to Me in the Apple Juice

How aware are you of the Divine Hand in your daily life?

I was just taking a carton of Chocolate Soya Milk out of the fridge.
As I pulled it out I knocked an open carton of milk over.
Just before it toppled over it hit the side of a can of apple juice and bounced back to a standing position. I was miraculously saved from making a big mess.

It was a very dramatic moment!

My first response was to say,
“Thank you, apple juice!”

Then I realized my error and quickly changed it to
“Thank You, Divine One.”

Of course the can of apple juice is also Divine!
But when I thanked it I wasn’t specifically thanking the Divine in the form of apple juice!

I Must Deepen my Practice

It seems I must keep practicing what I call “source awareness”, to deepen my recognition of the constant miracles that I encounter and their true source.

At least I was blessed with the insight to change it right away.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk – Celebrate!

If the milk had spilled, what then?
Can I still see the miracle when life is difficult?

When the milk spills, as it does every day in one way or another, can I thank the Divine for the lesson, perceiving it is a gift even if I cannot see it?

My Highest Good

I work at going through life with the assumption that everything that happens is for my highest good and I’m being cared for and guided.

No matter what suffering or joy I experience, I believe I’m being led on the path towards enlightenment (the realization of my true nature) in every moment and with every experience.

This attitude allows me to see the events of my life not as happening TO me but happening FOR me. The more I practice this the more I deepen my ability to be at peace regardless of my present circumstance.

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