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Live the Vulnerable Life

live the vulnerable life
Ah, To live an open and vulnerable life,
To rip apart the shield that protects me
And allow the world unrestricted access to the love within.

This is a dangerous way to live!
It’s juicy and fresh
And vibrating with goodness, Wonder and Magic.

How beautiful.

I’m too happy to be safe,
Too much in Love with life
to be secure.

Loving for no reason is the best reason,
beyond reason and logic and sense.

The danger of a vulnerable life
is a danger I willingly accept
and a risk I joyfully take.

Living with an open heart you may get hurt…
You WILL get hurt!
But, oh it’s worth the price
when you can look within and see that you gave everything you had for love.

When you’ve been hurt
and you’ve forgiven.
When you’ve worked through the pain
and found inner strength on the other side
then the courage to remain vulnerable appears.

The scars, will be medals,
the wounds works of art.

Living this way is not easy
or safe
and many would even say
that it’s stupid!

But oh man it sure is awesome,
and alive!!

I live the vulnerable life
I keep my heart open wide
So I can be free to be free
and fly

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