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Happiness is not an Emotion It is a Foundation

happiness is not an emotion
I’m not always happy ,
and I’m not mindlessly happy,
but I’m mostly happy.

I have worked very hard over the years to achieve the level of happiness I enjoy.

It is a happiness that does not come about through hiding from problems.
It co-exists with my problems (of which there are many!)
Like the calm in the midst of the storm.

From the centre I look out,
and my happiness is maintained.

Happiness is not an emotion
It is a foundation.

I rest in the stillness of my consciousness as life whirls by.
My consciousness is the same consciousness that exists in everyone and everything.
We are not really separate, you and I, we are one.
When I am aware of this,  my happiness is undisturbed by the ups and downs of life.

Knowing where my problems come from
and why
and where the deep solution is;
These things help in maintaining my happiness.
(That is a topic for another blog post I think!)

Happiness can be an Escape

It has been said that happiness is the drug of the unaware.
This is true if we are talking about transitory happiness.
Happiness based on circumstances or a forced state used to avoid facing oneself.

But the permanent and persistent happiness
that comes from furiously rigorous self-inquiry
and honesty
The happiness that comes from the practice of being loving to ourselves and others

It is sobering, it is intoxifying.
It exists like the still waters beneath the rough and choppy surface.

I don’t have to turn away from the devil to be happy.

I can face him/her
straight on,
eye to eye,
and say:

“You have no power over me
for I am happy,
and you are not.”

And then I laugh.

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