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Spirituality = Materiality

To equate spirituality with a lack of desire for the material
is to separate the material from the spiritual

In fact they are not two, but one.

I know that happiness does not lie in the acquisition of material things,
but happiness does not lie in avoiding them either.

It is a false idea that those in control have perpetrated over the centuries, millenia really,
that spiritual progress somehow includes poverty and asceticism.

I believe that abundance, romance, adventure and wealth are natural and good.
I believe that it’s okay, not just okay, but wonderful to desire a luxurious life.
It is also wonderful to desire simplicity.
The wonder comes from knowing yourself and honouring yourself.

One particular set of material goods is not more or less spiritual than another.
Seeing things this way creates a division where there really is none.

Happiness comes from the inside,
from our connection to our inner selves,
from the love in our hearts and the joy in our spirit.
True wealth is the freedom of our thinking and the peace in our minds.

So having a nice house, a great tv, a high quality stereo, a fast car, cool clothes and a wonderful, sexy mate
cannot adversely affect this if you have a solid inner grounding!

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  1. In my workshop at the prison I asked the men “If you could have any one wish come true, what would it be?” There were many different and
    really great answers, but the youngest of them all, a 19 yr. old had a great answer. He said “I don’t want to horde millions of dollars. What I would like is, any time I want something I would put my hand in my pocket and have the EXACT amount of money to buy it.”
    I absolutely loved his answer. It is the true belief in the great one from Galilee’s quote “Ask and yea shall receive” 🙂

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