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If I were a Proton

If I were a proton

If I were a Proton,
I would meditate every day
to enlarge my consciousness
to expand my awareness
to open my heart;

So that I could embrace the universe
and see what is beyond!

If I were a Proton
I would love all the other sub-atomic particles
in my sub-atomic world!
I would love them regardless of how they behaved
(as you know, they behave quite madly and erratically!)
so that I could see the spirit
that is greater than any universe
and smaller than the smallest particle.

If I were a Proton
I would love my dual nature
while seeking the Oneness that the duality rests upon,
never giving up on the path to the infinite

To the Divine eye,
we are no bigger than a proton
and no smaller than the Infinite


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