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Lost in the Maze

lost in the maze
Sometimes this life feels like a maze and I’m wandering around looking for a way out!

There are some people who think they are fully out of the maze.
Not me though. I know I’m a long way from that!
The danger with thinking I’m out of the maze, when I’m clearly not, is it will stop my growth.
How easy it would be to become complacent.

I think it is much better for me to recognize I am still in the maze
so that I can maintain the motivation to always look deeper.
To seek more self-knowledge, to be more humble and more loving!

With this in mind I find it very useful to expose my weaknesses to the world. All of us have weaknesses. When I share mine openly, I become vulnerable. I lose some of the facade that my ego wants me to uphold. The “Spiritual Guy”, the “Teacher”, even the “Nice Guy”! Ugh, none of these do me any good. Better to drop them all and just be me, flawed, fumbling and figuring things out.

Sharing my struggles also gives others a chance to resonate with what I’m going through.

One of the deadliest traps on the journey is Spiritual Vanity!

This is the feeling that I’ve “got it”
and now I can “teach” others, because I’m so advanced.
I am quite sure there will never be a time that I completely have it.

The Spirit is so vast and deep.
It’s even crazy to say that it is vast and deep:
How can we quantify the infinite?
It is very dangerous to think that we have arrived!!

So no matter how far I climb and how deep I dig,
I will always hunger for more.
If I can share that journey and be of some assistance to others who are also on the path, then I’m privileged to do so.
This is very different from teaching or leading!

Holding onto the beginner mind
keeps me open to learning from others as well.
Let us walk together along the path
giving each other support and hints along the way.

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