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I Have Not Begun to Love

I have not begun to love

My personal description…

As I sit on my couch,
I can feel the world spin round and round.
I can feel life teeming and nature brewing.

The hearts of millions ache with an emptiness
I ache with the desire to fill that emptiness with love.
I also know we each must walk our own path.

As I sit here watching TV I think about how complicated relationships can be and how much drama the world creates.
Yet in simple moments,
when my mind is quiet
and my heart is open,
love can blossom in its purity.
Perfection can be felt

Where do I see love most clearly?
In my daughter’s smile;
In her natural kindness;
In her love of play.

When she sits with me and puts her head on my shoulder,
when she holds my hand,
when she smiles at me for no reason:
I know that there is perfection and purity.

Yet I know that I have not begun to love.
I have too many layers
of self-interest,
of personality,
of fear

too many beliefs and concepts,
too many grudges and judgments.

I can love in certain moments
without fear,
with selflessness.
With an open heart.

Hopefully, as I work on myself, those moments are increasing in frequency and duration!

But there is so much work to do
before I can live immersed in love,
submerged in love,
lost in love,

So that I can continuously give love.

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