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Wild Optimism

wild optimism
Many call me naive, for the wild optimism I subscribe to,
for the power I believe in
for the beauty I see.

I accept it, saying:
“I am a naive idealist with his head in the clouds.”
And happy to be so!

Perhaps 20 years ago I would have thought someone like me was naïve.
I didn’t quite believe in the realm of possibility that I do now.
Really it was then that I was naive.
Over the years my attitude has gone through many phases; cynicism, skepticism, idealism and blind faith.

I’ve gone through all these stages and come out in a new one:

Practical Spirituality!

This is the idea of combining a sharp understanding of how the world works with a wild embracing of the Spiritual. Not ignoring one or the other for any reason. I live firmly in this world. I accept my humanness and all the stuff that goes with it. I also am always reaching for a higher ideal.

I was recently taking a walk in nature and I came upon an old willow tree that captured my attention. I stared at this lovely creature and could almost feel it talking to me.

Lessons from a Tree

It said:

“Vivek, notice my branches reaching towards the sun. They stretch up and out in every direction. Soaking in the energy of the sun. Also notice my roots, buried deep in the ground. They are my anchor and my foundation.

I grow up/out and down/in at the same time.

You must do the same Vivek, go deep into your human nature. Be as natural and real as you can. Face every part of you, both the lovely and the not so lovely! You are human, you are loving, you are angry, you are generous, you are greedy, you are fearful and you are brave. Accept all of these things without resistance.

AND embrace your Spirit that has no limitations. Your essence is infinite. Your real Self is beyond time and space. You are pure and powerful and perfect!”

Balance the Spiritual and Material

As I go through my day I try and see the spiritual behind every material thing. Not to avoid the material, but to embrace it completely!

The real world is fluid, not static (literally).
Every material thing is made of nothing but energy.
We can shape it with our consciousness and our thoughts.
It is not fixed.

Love and kindness are stronger than fear and power.
The truth of our oneness will always win out over the hate and division, even when the hate seems so real, violent and dangerous.

These are the ideas I try and keep in my mind regardless of what I am doing. It’s not easy of course. Life tries to pull my attention away, to distract me or scare me.

Don’t Resist Life

I don’t resist life anymore. I used to.

I used to think that anything human, anything material was against the spiritual. Now I see it all as part of the same Spirit, the Spirit that is me. Well at least I’m trying to see that! Perhaps I do a little more each day and that’s good enough.

So while the way I live may, at first glance seem idealistic and impractical, I have learned achieving this balance between the branches and the roots is the most practical way to live.

Thank you Tree!

0 thoughts on “Wild Optimism

  1. Being naïve is a blessing.
    It bypasses the dark tunnel and lets you see only the light.
    “Be as a child”!

    I love your tree, I do believe I have been introduced to that very same tree. And I listen deeply and try hard to shut out the external noise and just listen.
    Often I succeed. I will wait patiently until that ‘often’ turns into ALWAYS.

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