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Romance is a YinYang

A powerful romantic relationship reflects Divine Reality.
Really this is true of any relationship, but I’m going to focus on romance at the moment (mmmmmm…).
The journey to create a good relationship with a long term partner is a hard one.
Much inner and outer work is required.

Romance is a YinYang

In the universe there are always two –
the Yin and Yang.
When they are balanced and harmonious,
everything runs smooth.

When they enter into perfect balance they become one –
Yet they remain completely different.
This seems like a paradox
and it is!
But isn’t the whole universe a paradox?

If we look at the YinYang we can see that the Yin becomes Yang only in its most perfect and extreme expression (the dots).
It’s very difficult to achieve a harmony if we are avoiding one or the other.

We have both of the opposites within us, masculine and feminine.
The imbalance in society of these energies causes an imbalance within each of us.
This means that inside our beings the masculine and feminine are fighting each other for dominance. They are in a power struggle.

Harmony of the Opposites

So one of the first steps on the path is to have them get along, become best friends, to find a balance and a harmony with each other.

As this begins to happen, we can express the same harmony on the outside. The balance between the two will be different for each person. When we become comfortable with both our masculine and feminine sides then we can freely decide how we want to express them in our personalities.

At this point our expression is not about avoiding one or the other. It’s not about a struggle or a reaction to trauma. Regardless of whether we choose to express more masculine energy, feminine energy, a perfect balance between the two or to express neither, it will be a choice made in a state of freedom. This will bring us closer to being our authentic selves.

Authentic Attraction

When two (or more?) people come together who have similar states of authenticity then a deep resonance happens. This is where great relational power is created. This where magic can happen.

If we can continue to grow to deeper levels of self-knowledge together, and even push, support and guide each other along the way, then the magic becomes enduring.

Every day in this type of relationship is work, but work that inspires and enriches our lives. Glorious work!

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