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Existence is like an Hourglass

Existence is like an hourglass

Existence is like an hourglass.
We have to flip it upside down every now and then to keep it flowing.
Change is necessary to keep life interesting!

I don’t want to think, feel and understand life the same way in a year as I do now!

I try and flip my hourglass as often as possible.
Shaking up my mind, my heart and my beliefs.
Letting my understanding be as fluid as I can.

If I can keep my mind flexible then no matter what I may be thinking now,
it is subject to change as deeper levels of truth and learning are revealed to me.

I am not my Thoughts

My opinions and thoughts are a part of me,
But they are NOT me, they are not my centre.
The real me is my Spirit.
It is the part of me that can appreciate beauty,
the part that feels deep love, the part that feels compassion.
The Dancer and the Lover!

When we focus on the deep Self we are able to observe our thoughts and see them for what they are…
and what they are not!
Then we can pay attention to what really matters in life.

A Rose Saves Me

I remember one time I went to visit my grandmother in her nursing home shortly before she passed away.
I was having a very difficult day and was caught up in all sorts of negative and stressful thoughts. Tension had consumed my mind and body.

I really needed to turn my hourglass upside down!
Especially because I didn’t want to take out my frustrations on my grandmother.
I was there to comfort her, not to stress her out!

She had a little rose plant in her room.
One flower on it had bloomed.
It was a little red rose, about a half-inch wide!
She was so proud of it.

I stopped and looked at that rose.
Such beauty in a difficult place.
Little petals.
So soft and tender.
I breathed in its spirit.
Red rose, Red rose.
I lose myself in you.

We gave each other a moment of love.
I loved the rose,
and it loved me;
In that moment I relaxed
and knew the Universe was perfect.

The nature of my thoughts changed.
My hourglass flipped
My heart opened
And I was able to give my Nana all the love I had.

A flexible mind leads to a more loving heart.

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