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Your Spirit is everywhere and everywhen

ask for help
Your inner essence is Spirit. (God, universal energy, etc.)
Your Spirit is everywhere and everywhen.
It knows all because it is all!

So it is guaranteed that the answers you seek,
the guidance you seek,
and love you seek,
are all available to you, within you.

Of course just saying this, reading this, and thinking this
does not make the answers jump into your life!!

So ask for help.
In quiet.
In peace.
With sincerity.

“Help me to understand so I can share what I learn.”
“Help me love myself so I can be more loving.”
“Help me to create a life where I’m not controlled by my pain, so I can live in joy.”
“Help me to feel better.”
“Help me to believe this is possible.”

Ask for help and be open to receiving it.
Your Spirit is just aching to give you the answers you seek.

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