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The reality of duality is Unity!

yinyang unity
The Yin-Yang is one of my favorite symbols

It is not a symbol of duality,
But of Unity.

I know it has two colours, swirling in on each other,
And that makes it look like duality.
But the most important things about the yin-yang are…


Oh how I love the dots.

The dots are what tell us that the symbol is of unity.
They are placed very specifically in the thickest part of the opposite.

Where black reaches its total and most absolute blackness,
Suddenly it becomes white.
The Yang can never reach an absolute because that would imply that it has a separate existence.
It does not.
It cannot because duality has no real existence.
The Yin and the Yang are one.

The secret is in the dots.

In every situation there is a dot.
When things are bad you I can find a dot of good.
When things are good, it is never permanent,
the dot is always there.

This is why I try and remind myself to:
“Spot the Dot”

This is a constant mantra in my life
(and it rhymes)

It helps me to keep a clear perspective about what’s going on around me, and inside me. Looking for the dot is looking at the underlying reality.

The Yin and the Yang are one,
And because both exist, neither exist.

The reality of duality (or variety) is Unity!

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