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Detachment is Juicy

detachment a
Attachment comes from the idea of separation.
The idea that we are separate from our environment.
When we feel separate we resist change and that is the core of attachment.

Non-attachment comes from the idea of Unity,
The realization that we are all one.
Being “One” is different from feeling “Connected.”

Connected is like holding a bunch of pencils in one hand.
They are all touching, connected, but still separate.
One is just ONE pencil.

This is very different.

When you are ONE, there is no separate thing to be attached to.
It’s not that you resist being attached to a thing.
It’s that you realize there is no other thing.

This is the reality of our existence.
We are, in fact, one with everything.
Our spirits exist beyond time and space.

The idea of separation is an illusion.
You are not separate from your environment,
From your friends, family – not even from your enemies!

You are not separate from the tree, the flower, the earth or your car!

Of course, in our day to day lives we need to acknowledge the illusion of separate things to survive. No matter how much you believe you are one with the car speeding towards you, it will still squish you like a grape if you don’t jump out of the way!

It is in our heart’s perception, our deep way of looking at the world, that we need to see the oneness.

When you realize the unity of all things, then you know:

Nothing lives.
Nothing dies.
Nothing is separate.
Everything is one.
Everything is you!

So the process of non-attachment
Is the process of realizing your true nature as ONE.

Only this brings true non-attachment.
True non-attachment means you become non-attached to EVERYTHING

Including pain,
Including joy,
Including people,
Including things

You become free.

Then you can be deeply loving and emotional with people.
Then you can be vulnerable in your relationships.
Then you can acquire wealth – or not.
Then you can celebrate victory and mourn loss.
You can have a rich emotional life.

Notice this is different from the common view of being non-attached. The common view is one of cold, indifference to life.
When you are truly detached you can live life more richly and fully, with deeper love and feeling
And squeeze all the juice out of every moment!!

Being detached does not mean being uninvolved!

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