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I imagine the world as a perfect expression of the Divine.

I imagine all the people in it having all that they need

I imagine my life full of joy, peace, adventure and meaning.

Imagination is the most powerful force we have!

Do you believe that your imagination can affect your reality?
I do. I’ve seen too much evidence in my life to doubt it!
What we hold in our vision becomes manifest in our lives.

Knowledge and thinking can give you an idea of how you want the world to be,
but only Imagination has the power to make that vision a reality.

The  Power of Imagination

When we involve all 5 senses in our imagining, and when we can focus on our visions with intense concentration, this gives it an amazing creative power.

Like all things of power, imagination can be used in a dangerous way –
IS often used in a dangerous way –
and much of that danger comes when we are unaware of its power!
Every thought we think and everything we hold in our imagination has an effect on our lives.

Imagination Creates

Our imagination creates our reality.
So guard your imagination very carefully;
be paranoid about it if necessary,
and only imagine what is good and perfect
and beautiful for you.
For as you imagine in your heart,
so shall you be.


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