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Romance is my Religion

Romance is my religion
Romantic love is more than a reflection of Divine Love.
In its evolved state it IS Divine Love.
This is because when romance reaches its peak it becomes worship.

I worship the Divine One in you
and I expose fully to you the Divine One in me.
All of you becomes one with all of me.

Nothing is held back.
There is no fear or self-interest
In fact there is no self!

The illusion of 2 is shattered
and our essential Oneness is revealed.

This is true worship, when you see yourself in the other
and the other in you

Then Romance can be your Religion
Sex can be a ritual of deep spirituality
A kiss can transport you beyond the limits of time and space.

And just a look from your lover,
the sound of their voice
or the feeling of their breath on your skin
Reminds you that this moment is perfect and complete
and it always is.

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