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Looking Deeper!

When I encounter people who want to hurt me or treat me badly in some way I often react with defensiveness and anger. This reaction hurts me, hurts the other […]

Embrace The Opposites

The YinYang offers us a way of unifying the opposites. Getting into the spirit of the symbol allows us to see the world more from the perspective of AND rather […]

Butterfly Love – Part 2

As we go through the process of spiritual evolution we turn from caterpillar to butterfly many times and on many levels. Each new level comes with new challenges and new […]

Butterfly Love – part 1

We Can All Be Butterflies What prevents the caterpillar from turning into a butterfly? We all have the potential! We all have butterfliness inside of us! How can the caterpillar […]

The Love Jug!

Pure Love is a beautiful thing. We use the word Love for so many things that are not love! I knew this womyn who regularly tortured her family and caused […]

Live the Vulnerable Life

Ah, To live an open and vulnerable life, To rip apart the shield that protects me And allow the world unrestricted access to the love within. This is a dangerous […]