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Peace is Boring

peace is boring
I seek peace and stillness.

Not boring stillness, but one full of life and richness.
Not a withdrawn peace, but one that is involved and passionate.

I want to walk through the world with knowing, with faith,
with “The certainty of uncertainty.” – Tulshi Sen.

The fear of the unknown and the uncertain cause me stress.
I hold this tension in my mind and body.

It leaks out all over my life.
In my activities, my productivity, my health and my relationships.
I poison myself and my environment with my fear!

This is why my teacher, Mr. Tulshi Sen says we must work to increase our belief level.

Every day that I believe more I fear less and I relax more.
I can allow my authentic self to surface and hide behind the mask no more.

This is what will bring the peace and stillness I seek.

0 thoughts on “Peace is Boring

  1. Thanks Vivek,
    You my friend always manage to remind me of the things I need to focus upon.
    I too would love to be able to put all of my fears behind me, so I can face the world as my true self.
    In the micro moments that my belief level is a little deeper and my fear is a little less, I see that my authentic self isn’t too shabby 🙂 . And yet I am afraid to let others see it or even allow myself to believe it.

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