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Who’s Got Your Back?

we must have our own back
We must be a real support to ourselves.
We must honour our own feelings and our process.
We must have our own back!

Sometimes you have to be selfish
to protect your progress.

I often sacrifice this to take care of other people’s feelings.
There are times when this is necessary.
As a father, as a son, as a friend.

And yet there are times when it’s more important for me to take care of my own needs.

Before the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body it takes what it needs to sustain itself.
For it cannot feed the body if it is malnourished!

When I honour and value my own self, I am nourishing myself.
I become more authentic.

It can be messy sometimes.
It may also lead to being judged.
WILL lead to being judged!!

When you take time for yourself there may be people who will get hurt and that is okay.
You do not have to save everyone from their pain.
You create your pain and they create theirs.

Don’t be an asshole,
but also don’t be a saviour!

Just be true to yourself.
That will require listening to your own heart in every moment.
Listen and be willing to follow.

Give yourself the love and support you need.
Only then can you be of real use to others
Only then can you offer your highest gifts to the world.

And I can tell you that the world needs your gifts!

0 thoughts on “Who’s Got Your Back?

  1. What you say is so true and yet it is one of the most difficult things to achieve. From childhood we have been programmed to not help ourselves, to always think of others and to never ever look after ourselves before others.

    How can we possibly help someone else if we are too weak to be able to help ourselves?
    How can we make someone else smile, if our own sorrow is so deep that it is hard for us to crack a genuine smile?

    Most people judge it as being a sin and or “selfish”.

    It takes a lot of self awareness to not allow their judgement to get in the way of our own growth and well-being?
    This is definitely one of the most difficult programs to delete.
    Thanks for the reminder, it is a constant battle that we all need to win.

    1. Your words resonate with me.
      It is difficult, you are right!
      And so worth the effort.

      I love it when you stand up for yourself.
      You are an amazing being and deserve the best in life.
      Hey, we all are and we all do!!

      1. “Don’t be an asshole,
        but also don’t be a saviour! […]
        And I can tell you that the world needs your gifts!”

        This should be on a t-shirt! ❤❤

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