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Seeking Romance!

My desire for romantic connection comes from my desire to feel complete.
When we are in love we feel more complete, we feel the void is filled.

And yet only Divine Completeness is enduring.
Romantic completeness is but a reflection, a glimpse of the Divine Completeness.

Divine Completeness is the only one that satisfies.
In fact when I am truly Complete there will be no one left to satisfy!
For I will be One.

So feel free to seek romantic completeness Vivek,
but do not be fooled into thinking it is a solution to your inner problems.
Do not seek it to feel less lonely, nor to fill the void within.

For these motivations will always lead to heartache.

Do it because you WANT to, because it feels good and brings you joy.
These are very excellent reasons to seek romance!

There is a subtle difference between these motivations.
One is running from the bad
The other is seeking the good.

Yet there is an even higher motivation in seeking romantic completeness
and in expressing romantic love.

To be a reflection of Divine Completeness and Divine Love!

If this can be what is in your heart,
then your romance will be pure and
lift the two of you higher than you can imagine.

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