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I Love to Laugh!

laugh in times of stress

I love to laugh.
I constantly remind myself –
Never lose your sense of humour.

The ability to laugh at yourself and at life is vital to maintaining accurate perception.
When we get too serious it places a coloured lens before our eyes.

I always say that I take my art seriously, I take my growth seriously, but I don’t take myself seriously.
We can never see reality this way.

Laughing clears away the filters and allows a more direct experience of the truth.

Laughing in times of stress and pain
is a way of acknowledging
the omnipresence of the Divine presence.

Once upon a time a Sage was walking through the forest
when he was suddenly surrounded by a gang of robbers.

They got angry when they realized that he had no money for them.
They threw him to the ground and began to kick him and beat him with sticks.

As the Sage was being beaten to death he began to laugh.
He laughed and laughed and laughed.

The hooligans were very surprised by his reaction.
They stopped their violence and asked him why he was laughing?
he just said:

“I see you.
You cannot fool me by taking the form of robbers.
I see you my beloved.”

He knew that the Divine presence was everywhere and is everything.
He knew, even in this difficult situation,
that he was not alone, he was not abandoned
It was actually happening for his highest good.

So he laughed and said
“I see You!”

Laughter is saying
“I see you!”

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