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The Pain of Betrayal

I was recently betrayed by someone I thought was a friend.

It hurts!
Shit, Damn and Fuck it Hurts!

And yet it is a gift that this happened.
I have been given the awareness of an inner wound.
I have seen a deep insecurity.

I am injured.
I have fallen and I can’t get up.
I am pissed off and afraid at the same time.

I am scared everyone will leave me.
They’ll see I am a fake, that others are better and go to them instead.

It is painful and tiring to have these thoughts inside me.
It’s like I’m beating myself up every day.
The bullies beat me up in middle school and I’m continuing their work!

I want to exorcise this demon from my heart
So I can live free from the self-condemnation that robs me of my joy.

There is only one problem here and only one solution.

The problem is I don’t love myself enough.
The solution is I must LOVE myself more
And rely upon the Divine.

Okay, so 2 solutions!

tongue out

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