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Peace is Boring

I seek peace and stillness. Not boring stillness, but one full of life and richness. Not a withdrawn peace, but one that is involved and passionate. I want to walk […]

Who’s Got Your Back?

We must be a real support to ourselves. We must honour our own feelings and our process. We must have our own back! Sometimes you have to be selfish to […]

Seeking Romance!

My desire for romantic connection comes from my desire to feel complete. When we are in love we feel more complete, we feel the void is filled. And yet only […]

Attack the Root

Trying to destroy a tree by plucking its leaves one at a time is fruitless and madness, an impossible venture. The only way is to attack the root. Find the […]

I Love to Laugh!

I love to laugh. I constantly remind myself – Never lose your sense of humour. The ability to laugh at yourself and at life is vital to maintaining accurate perception. […]

The Pain of Betrayal

I was recently betrayed by someone I thought was a friend. It hurts! Ouch! Shit, Damn and Fuck it Hurts! And yet it is a gift that this happened. I […]

The Internal is Eternal

Rely on the Internal The journey from relying on an external source of love to relying on the internal source of love is a long and difficult one. It is […]

The Path is Long

A note to myself from my Journal: Vivek, your path is long and has many pitfalls and traps which you yourself have set! It is not a random situation you […]

Tortured by My Past

Little Vivek is tortured by his past, aching from his wounds, crying out for love and acceptance. He wants to know he is worthy and valuable, wanted and safe. He […]