How to Support Your Children’s Emotional Well-being

Emotional Wellness: How to support children’s well-being during challenging times.

A free workshop for parents. There are 2 dates to make it easier for you to attend.

Wednesday Feb 24, 7-9pm est
Saturday Feb 27, 1-3pm est

Young people have deep emotional lives. We often don’t realize how intense their inner worlds are. As parents we have a unique opportunity to support our children’s emotional well-being.

The intensity brought about by Covid isolation has amplified many issues kids have. The heaviness of all the political and social unrest happening all over the world can add to the mental load they carry.

In this workshop we will explore different strategies and tools we can use to help our children manage the big feelings they’re having. You will come away from the session with a greater understanding of how to better support your kids.

Facilitated by:
Vivek Patel, Conscious Parenting Educator
Hannah Katherine, Youth Mental Health Expert

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