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Teach Skills Rather Than Modify Behaviours

Conscious Parenting Requires Conscious Goal Setting It’s important to remember that one of the primary goals in parenting is not to control behaviours, but to teach skills, to inspire deep feeling, to create a joyful spirit, to instil powerful self-confidence…

Friendship Based Parenting

Friendship Based Parenting Or (more contentiously) Be a Friend Always, a Parent Never Sometimes the criticism of the idea of friendship based parenting is that kids and their parents aren’t equals and therefore we shouldn’t treat them as such until…

Re-Connecting to the Disrespectful Teen

Instead of being concerned with our own need for respect, we should be focussing on healing the pain that has caused the situation in the first place. Once we have this shift of focus the issue is no longer one of getting respect (which is an effect), but of healing, of relating, love, connection, of seeing, listening – deep listening and accepting (dealing with the cause!).

Be Cool, Skip School

Uncommon Trust From the time my daughter started school I’ve always told her that anytime she wants to stay home for any reason, all she has to do is tell me and I’ll let her. She doesn’t have to explain…

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