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The Internal is Eternal

Rely on the Internal The journey from relying on an external source of love to relying on the internal source of love is a long and difficult one. It is […]

The Path is Long

A note to myself from my Journal: Vivek, your path is long and has many pitfalls and traps which you yourself have set! It is not a random situation you […]

Tortured by My Past

Little Vivek is tortured by his past, aching from his wounds, crying out for love and acceptance. He wants to know he is worthy and valuable, wanted and safe. He […]

Love is Grand

Love is Grand. Love is Fearless. Love is of the Heart. Without an open heart we cannot experience the depth of love available to us. If we have been hurt […]

You are Important!

You have a purpose to fulfill upon the earth. It is important. You are important. Believe this! It may not seem so in the grand scheme of things. When you […]

Life is always changing

Life is always changing. Sometimes it throws big changes at us. This can cause us great turmoil. Certainly our fears and attachments are exposed. I often feel like I don’t […]

Celebrate Life

Do not let your fear stop you from celebrating life. There is so much richness available to you. Every moment is a potential work of art! Be the artist and […]